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project management dr. schüler & partner is a service partner for companies, who run their business in projects.

More and more projects are becoming the backbone of business activities. It simply does not make sense to extract your best experts from the operational business and hope they will be good project managers. Project management is a trade, which needs to be learned to become an expert. Subject matter experts should not be loaded by project management activities. This is the reason, why project management by external PM experts becomes more and more relevant for companies.
We care for your projects and provide you with the necessary know how as project managers. In doing so, we follow the worldwide accepted PMI standards. Our PMs are PMI certified Project Management Professionals ®.


pmsp offers Consulting Services and Integrated Project Management Services.

The Project
A project is a series of activities and tasks, focussing on creating a new service or a new object. It has a defined start point and a defined finish. It is using a certain amount of limited resources, might it be personnel, money, time, or material. Any project will always be conducted in an intervowen net of varying interests of the project stakeholders. Therefore integration is mandatory.


Integrated Project ManagementPM
Integration within a project is mandatory on various levels:
Task level: New tasks and solutions need to be integrated in existing structures and processes. Here, analysis and construction of new processes and ressources are the focus.
Level of data storage and -evaluation: data does not speak for itself. The analysis
of data is an important part of any project work. To have the appropriate view on (project-) data is essential for an efficient project management.
Level of management: project management and production management need to
be integrated. Here, coordination and control of all project activities build the focus.
Level of participation: all the different views and interest of the stakeholders of a project need to be integrated. Here, communication processes build the focus.
Level of project execution: the specific parts of project management, change management, and person- as well as group-centered coaching become integrated.
Here, the total picture of the project proceeding and the success control build the focus.

The Project Management Office as a means for Integration PM Tasks
As a means for Integrated Project Management in major projects or programs the project office provides a big advantage. PM tasks are centrally coordinated and distributed on many shoulders. Current planning processes, communication processes, and controling processes are clustered in task pools and are managed by the members of the PMO.


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