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Business Intelligence

The capabilities to proactively act or properly react in business affairs is strongly depending on the scope and quality of information your management is able to receive and to analyse.

It is one of the most challenging issues in many companies to provide decision makers with the right information at the right time. As there are so many potentially interesting sources of data and information within a company, it is often difficult to decide which one to retrieve first. Very often, the aggregation level of requested data is not appropriate. As soon as redundant data sources show varying information in different parts of the company, it is even sometimes the question of which one to trust.

Especially, when it comes to predictive data analysis, when you need to evaluate future trends, most of the traditional reporting practices are insufficient.

Standard reporting helps to a certain extend, but ad-hoc reporting, that allows managers to instantly and specifically inquire the data universe of the company is much more powerful and efficient in order to get the right answers on a manager’s information need. A company-wide business intelligence strategy is clearly the best way to systematically approach this challenge.

Together with our partner SB3 Inc. PMsp offers a business intelligence solution that will cover your needs. SB3 Inc. is a well established business intelligence solution provider, originated in the US and in India. SB3 Inc. delivers high quality business intelligence systems for a very reasonable price.

Jointly, we provide you with your dedicated solution that covers traditional enterprise reporting as well as analysis services and data mining by building up your multidimensional data source and your dedicated dynamic interactions. This allows you to inquire your data universe as flexible as you need it. And it does it in an intuitive way, so that all of your people can use it in their specific contexts.

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Business Intelligence