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Project Management

Project Management
Following the current industry’s discussion about project offices, to be run as an internal or external service provider in order to organize, structure, and manage enterprise projects, we at pmsp offer services as a project office. Here, the services of conduct, supervise, and coordinate projects, manage project risks, as well as even manage the project members may be requested from you as the client. more

Project Management Office (PMO)
More and more project offices become a company-wide means to coordinate project activities formally as well as operationally. The main purpose of a PMO is to distribute and coordinate a company-wide identical PM methodology, to support projects in using common standard PM tools, as well as to support a standardized project operation with a standardized quality of results. more

Project Controlling and Risk Management
One of the core activities of project management is the planning and cost control. It is essential to set up and utilize an efficient management cost and control system (MCCS). Such a MCCS needs to have planning tools, tools to measure the project progress, as well as tools that allow to identify derivations and changes from the initial plan and to control progress.

Project Coaching
No project is free of problems and critical decision making points. The further a project proceeds, the more increases the pressure to the project team and to the available resources in order to meet the project targets. The need for a place emerges, where issues, targets and potentials of the project may be discussed without the pressure of the daily project business. more

Project Audits and Project Health Checks
People who work in projects more and more recognize, that the external view on what is going on in a project is valuable in order to evaluate the status of a running project. Increasingly, formal and legal conditions (like SOX compliance requirements) call for various modes of project audits. The health check focuses on finding potentials and thus optimize the running project. more

Project Management
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