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Seminars and Trainings

Project management is an art, that needs to be learned. As with any other art, a certain amount of education is necessary in order to exercise this trade. Our seminars and trainings impart knowlegde about the fundamentals and details of an integrated project management.

The objects of our trainings are two folded: On one hand we transfer knowledge about the fundamentals of successful project management. On the other hand we transfer know-how, derived from real life examples or issues derived from your current project activities.

The training contents are set up in accordance to the approach of the Project Management Insitute, as documented in the PMBOK Guide, which is an ANSI standard (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2008).

Our seminars and trainings are conducted as in-house trainings at your facilities or in our trainings facilities close to Hamburg City on your request.

Fundamentals of Project Management according to PMI standards

For a newly initialized project this training helps all project members to gain a common understanding about the principles of project conduct and to learn about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of project management.

For the hasty project manager the Basic Training provides a chance, to critically review his/her own approach and, where required, to enhance this approach.
The Basic Training is conceptualized as a 2 days training. It provides your project staff with an introductional overview over principles, procedures, and methods of project management and project execution.

Organization: Theory and Practices

The topic of organisation is in several regards relevant for conducting a project: Each project is embedded within an existing organization. Thus, the specific organizational conditions will have a strong influence on what will happen within the project. And to find the appropriate structure for the project is always a challange. In the seminar the participants learn about the pre-requisites, principles and methodes of a sucessful project structuring aling best practice examples. This seminar is recommended at the initial stage of a new project endeavor in order to find out about the appropriate project structure.
The Seminar Organization: Theory and Practices is conceptualized as a 2 days seminar.


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